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What does talking and drawing entail?

What is a Talking and Drawing session and what does it entail?

Drawing and talking isn’t a tool used to uncover what is ‘wrong’ with us or why we may behave in
‘undesirable’ ways. It isn’t art therapy and you won’t be analysed, nor is it a behaviour modifying
technique to ‘fix’ a problem. It is a gentle technique with foundations in play therapy and is for
anyone of any age who is seeking support to work through their life experience of events that were/are traumatic for them. Trauma is the result of emotional and psychological distress and is different for everyone. It can include bullying, relationship breakdown, loss and bereavement and everyday life events that are stressful, difficult and upsetting. Drawing and Talking therapy allows us to draw freely, to ‘play’ and to process any emotion that we are holding onto internally, softly and in a safe and non-confrontational way at our own pace.

Drawing and Talking sessions are sixty minutes long and take place at the same time and on the same
day each week for twelve weeks. Within a drawing and talking session you are invited to draw freely
with a pencil on a piece of plain paper usually A4. You can draw anything at all and the accuracy or
skill of your drawing isn’t important at all, this process isn’t only for people that are ‘good’ at
drawing. Either during the drawing process or afterwards we will chat about your drawing in a light,
non-invasive way. You will be asked to give the drawing a title and to date it. After the session the
drawing will be placed safely in a wallet, folder or envelope, if it’s a face to face session I will keep
the folder for you until the full twelve sessions are completed and you will then be invited to keep
them if you wish to do so. If it’s a virtual session you will keep the folder somewhere safe and private.

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