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"After having experienced some very big changes and a very traumatic event, the 12 week
Drawing and Talking program helped me to navigate the shifts in perspective and difficult
emotions that come with troubling times. I was someone who believed I couldn’t draw. I was
apprehensive but remained open minded. Sue did a wonderful job of creating a safe space, in
the virtual realm, where I felt comfortable to put pencil to paper and trust in the process.
There is no right or wrong. Just put the pencil on the paper and see what happens. For me it
was an amazing experience and I have since continued to draw. Seeing my ‘subconscious on
paper’ helped me to better understand my feelings surrounding various areas of my life. With
Sue holding the lantern, I felt at ease. She is wise, gentle, humorous and an all-round
wonderful support. I am Endlessly grateful."         



"Sue has been nothing but kind, knowledgeable and supportive throughout my 12 weeks of Drawing and talking, guiding me through each stage with care and empathy and I can't recommend her enough to take others through this process to practice self care. Firstly cautious, Drawing and talking has quickly become my safe space for coping with past traumas, present stress and now allows me to shift my outlook on thoughts and feelings that I struggled to understand previously. Drawing and talking has not only given me the tools for self focus, but allowed me to understand my subconscious through the art of drawing - Beautiful how something so simple can be so healing. I will be forever grateful to Sue for holding the space for me, making me feel at ease and being an unbelievable support throughout." 

"Before doing the twelve week talking and drawing programme, I had studied art for seven years and graduated with a degree in fine art drawing. My reason for wanting to delve into this way of working through past events and emotions was maybe a little different; I wanted to reconnect to how I used to draw so effortlessly as a child and use pencil and paper to illustrate thoughts that my conscious mind was less aware of. Studying art for so many years had taken away this instinctive way of using my hands and mind in unison. What I hadn’t comprehended was just how much each session reflected my life at that time, as well as my hopes and dreams. I found that as well as being reflective of past events, I was using the drawings to pre-empt the things that I was looking forward towards or trying to perfect in my day to day. The drawings were a perfected version of my reality. I was surprised at how much was changing in my life over these twelve weeks and how this may have been overlooked if I hadn’t taken the time to sit and evaluate. Some weeks I felt excited to have thirty minutes of quiet whilst I drew my dream world and said little about it. Other weeks, I felt more resistant to drawing and Sue helped me to work through this. I found that as the weeks progressed, I started thinking less about the end image and instead used the drawing as a tool of decision making and contemplation. I believe that the twelve-week programme was extremely beneficial in realising and adapting to many changes and circumstances at this time in my life."


"Sue is a golden human! She takes you through every step of the 12 week course with kindness, knowledge, empathy and above all, laughter.

This is the second time I have done Drawing and Talking with Sue and it has been a whole different experience. As always, I have felt nothing but support from Sue however, this time around has forced me to look into future aspects rather than past situations which I have felt very useful.

I have found this course of drawing and talking extremely calming, giving me space to process thoughts and feelings throughout and I wouldn't have signed up with anyone but Sue."




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